Electronic lock HLD3875
Electronic lock HLD3875
Electronic lock HLD3875
  • Electronic lock HLD3875
  • Electronic lock HLD3875
  • Electronic lock HLD3875

Electronic lock HLD3875


Smart Lock



Electronic lock is a new type and practical intelligent cabinet elastic lock and it applied to various cabinets and lockers such as intelligent mailboxes, electronic lockers, vending machines, storage lockers etc.


Main Feature
1. Slim design: It is suitable for all kinds of doors, and can be attached to the wall or arranged for a embedded-installation.

2. Manual release upon emergency: The lock is designed with an unlocking hole, which can be unlocked manually without doing harm to the cabinet.

3. Lock status feedback: There is lock status detection, which allows you to monitor the status of lock/door by software.

4. Working mode: When door is closed (power off), the lock locks. Lock opens when powered. The power-on time shall be less than 1 second.

5. Safety: Anti-vibration and anti-vandalism.

6.Self-protection: We put two positioning columns in the lock in order to protect the internal parts, which might caused by the likely high-speed impact from the cabinets’ door panel.


product Main parameters
Size: Length is 70.4 mm, width is 60.4 mm, and thickness is only 13mm.

 2. Working Voltage: 12-24V;

 3. Working current: DC1.5A~3.2A (1S>power-on time>400ms)

 4. Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃

 5. Weight: 137g

 6. Working life: It can afford 200,000 times of unlocking with 30-second interval.

 7. Shell: Adopts polishing chrome plated technology, strong corrosion resistance, and it also pass 48-hour salt-spraying test.

 8. Power supply cord is SM-2A connector while feedback signal cord is SM-2Y connector, the lead length is 250mm (Can be customized according to customer’s requirements).





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